Dr.G pursues sustainable beauty.

Dr.G will continue to be a company that practices "having a good influence" through skin health in order to create positive synergy in our society.

Our Commitment for Everyone’s Skin Concerns


Dr.G believes that everyone deserves to be able to select their desired product and enjoy their rights as a consumer. All Dr.G products have braille for those with visual impairments.

Date Opened

The expiration date of cosmetics refers to how long an unopened product can be kept safe, which decreases dramatically after opening. As a solution to this problem, marking the date opened is a good idea. After opening a cosmetic product, the recommended period of use is 12 months. A simple but important skin-protection habit!
Write down the date you opened a cosmetic product for the sake of your skin's health.

Regular Donations to the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea

Dr.G became a friend of the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea and regularly donates to this organization to help children with skin problems. 10% of the retail price of each Dr.G Baby Mild Up Sun sold is donated to the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea.

Regular Funding for the Korean Dermatological Research Foundation

Dr.G supports the Korean Dermatological Research Foundation with annual research funding to enhance the capability and competitiveness of dermatological research in Korea. Our contribution activities based on our corporate philosophy of making people healthy and happy through skin science include academic support for dermatology students and professors as well as other research efforts.

Our efforts towards a sustainable environment

Eco-friendly Paper Packaging

We use Geami, a 100% recyclable eco-friendly paper buffer with functionality to reduce the excessive use of wrapping and the amount of waste produced.

FSC®-certified Paper & Soy Ink

Our secondary wrapping materials largely include FSC® certified paper produced through a sustainable lumbering and processing, soy ink and natural by-products, such as tangerine peel. Products are developed based on an endless consideration for a design that allows resource circulation.

Easier Recycling Guide

We try our best to increase paper packaging and provide a detailed recycling guide on the product label to help users correctly and conveniently sort out the recyclables.

Tube Made of Low Carbon Materials

30% of this tube is made of a material that has reduced carbon emissions by 20% throughout the entire process from sourcing, production, transport, logistics, use and discarding.