Prescription for Beauty!

Whitening by EGF

Dr.G is developed by dermatology doctors and skin care laboratories of Gowoonsesang. The beautiful prescription for skin begins. What is EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) ? A Protein that composed of 53 amino acids separated from mouse’s gland below the chin for the first time by Br.Stanley Cohen of USA. Through a scientific research he proved that when this element was injected to a new born mouse, the eye lid opened up faster than normal mouse. It was named “Epidermal Growth Factor” which means that this is the factor that stimulates the growth of epidermal cells. (Novel Prize for Medicine, Dec 10, 1996) Cosmetics CAN NOT remove dark circle and pigmentation? Perhaps, a little bit more special Dr.G de-Wrinkle Line, may change your common sense. Dr.G Whitening Line = EGF Complex + Nano-Capsule Adenosine Dr.G containing Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF Complex) helps re-generation of skin and it works for whitening as well as de-Wrinkling.

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