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Dr.G Brand Story

Genuine cosmetics by Gowoonsesang dermatology My Skin Mentor Dr.G
My Skin Mentor Dr.G
Dr. G guarantees healthy and beautiful skin by continuously developing safe and effective products by providing and suggesting solutions for various skin concerns approaching you with genuine sincerity and consideration.

Dr.G Personality

We provide mentoring for your skin

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Video for introducing genuine cosmetics, Dr. G by our dermatology

Skin Mentor Dr.G strive its best effort to explain the root cause of skin problems and to keep your healthy beauty through in-depth research and skin science.  

The cosmeceutical brand “Dr.G” was born based on the vision of taking care of skin daily for healthy skin.  

Skin Mentor Dr.G, who knows about skin the best, suggests an effective skin solution and promises to be always with you for your healthy & beautiful skin.  

Today, get your skin mentoring.

Gowoonsesang cosmetic that have the core value of ‘We exist to provide healthy beauty to humankind that is based on skin science,” aimed the goal to take possession of health & beauty global market. Dermatological clinic and clinic consulting businesses, as an importance field of a high value business, are two parts that enhance our brand image which help us to secure the momentum for leading derma-cosmetic brand.

  Hospital Brand Consulting to Gowoonsesang Dermatology clinic
    (15 branches) & Gowoonsesang Plastic surgery (1 branch)  

  Franchise Consulting 

  Providing hospital management system & consulting